It’s been over half a year since we were introduced to a new and now infamous term - social distancing - and there is little doubt in our minds that the way we live and dress has since changed considerably. With most of us spending a notably greater amount of time at home, largely behind a screen, a more comfort-focused state of mind has ensued. With it many of us have been turning to the novel art of dressing from the waist up - namely looking polished and professional on top whilst putting comfort first down below (did someone say sweatpants?).

With Zoom’s daily participants jumping from 10 million to over 300 million since the start of the year (and growing!) and no end in sight to the problem that is Covid-19, it is clear video meetings are here to stay. But, without dipping too much in psychology, the idea that the clothes we wear affect the way we think has been widely circulated since, and way before, this pandemic began. Our clothes are a tool for approaching each day from a clean slate and so imperative to get us in the right headspace to be productive and of course presentable for the myriad of virtual meetings in our weekly calendars.

Fashion editors the world over have been fast defining what constitutes stellar ‘Zoom style’. The advice ranges widely from keeping patterns simple (you wouldn’t want to detract from your intelligent remarks with an optically hypnotic print), to the importance of a neckline (looking like a one-coloured blob isn’t a great look either). What they all concur on is that the focus should very much be placed on what lies above our waist and more specifically in the absolute upgrade fancy feel-good adornments (we’re talking jewellery) can bring.

And so, with another season of working from home and manifold zoom calls looming we thought we’d round up the best of the best statement jewels for your next screen meet up. They will not only brighten your day but also elevate your look and score you major style points in this new virtual-first world of ours.

Colourful Chockers

Think cool collar necklaces in bright happy colours that will light up the screen. These unique masterpieces are made to dazzle.


Pretty Pendants

From pretty charms to chunky stones, pendant accents add polish and a whimsical touch to any outfit. We are especially loving the organic, abstract pendants from LOOL that perfectly combine the natural and the beautiful - the Lake George necklace with its graceful double-layered design is top of our wish-list.


Statement Earrings

Add a touch of luxurious flair with a pair of dazzling dangle earrings. Meeting with the boss? The unique yet sophisticated incarnations from Vanda Jacintho are the ones to pull out from isolation.


Memorable Bracelets

Don’t forget your wrists. Although they won’t secure as much screen time as their counterparts these ultra-cool and immaculately crafted options from LOOL make for fun conversation starters.


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