Here at Ginga Privé, we’re forever fascinated with mindfulness, spirituality, and all things wellbeing. Our founders, after all, are enthusiastic yogis and mystic explorers at heart. We passionately believe mindful practices can bring you happiness and comfort... and who doesn’t need a little bit of that these days?

This got me thinking about the power of fashion in our lives... How does it contribute to our wellbeing and happiness? Or does it? Some argue that it is the exact opposite of mindfulness, an egotistic force that misaligns us from our centre. But after much deliberation, I must say I politely, yet wholeheartedly, disagree...

Lool Wheel of Fortune black and gold pendant

Both fashion and spirituality are vehicles to explore and discover our true selves. They can help us shape our identity and metamorphose into the best version of ourselves. Like spirituality, fashion can act as protection, an armour for us to feel more confident and positive about the day and challenges ahead. Who can honestly say that what they wear does not affect not just their mood but their confidence? In the famous words of Yves Saint Laurent, ‘dressing is a way of life’, and most would describe spirituality in the exact same way.

Talisman jewellery is where fashion and mysticism most obviously converge, and it was exactly the mysticism of LOOL’s jewellery that first attracted Tatiana and Carina to the brand and in particular to its Familia Ashtamangala amulet collection. The eight-piece set is inspired by millennia-old traditions from Buddhism to Hinduism and is not only stylish but exudes good vibes and radiates positive energy.

Lool umbrella gold pendant

Tatiana explains: ‘There’s something magical about talisman jewellery. This idea that a physical item can take on a larger more spiritual meaning.’ Carina and Tatiana selected three charms that particularly resonated with them: the Parasol, the Lotus and the Wheel of Fortune. ‘It was very much about the meaning behind the pieces as well as the look of the charms. It’s this duality that makes them so special.’ explains Carina.

Let’s take a look at the meaning behind each charm:


Umbrella gold pendantThe Parasol, used to shield from the raging heat of the tropical sun, is a feminine symbol of protection and of royalty. The coolness of its shade symbolises protection from earthly emotions such as suffering and temptation. With intricate craftmanship and links and dashes of multi-coloured stones, the charm has an undeniably unique whimsical touch.


LOOL Wheel of Fortune black and gold pendantThe Wheel of Fortune represents the turns we take in learning life’s lessons. It symbolises both change and unity and is considered the main and most powerful Buddhist symbol. The stone adorned enamel charm spins on an axis and adds a playful and bohemian touch to any outfit.


LOOL Lotus flower gold pendantThe Lotus charm has a beautiful symbolism rooted in purification and rebirth... the lotus flower grows out of the mud to blossom into its perfect beauty above the surface. It’s a symbol of how we too must overcome obstacles and hurdles to fully flourish. A striking gold and violet charm sure to elevate your look and your outlook.


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