Expats Tatiana and Carina Perocco were eagerly searching for new, unique swimwear for a trip to Côte d’Azur when they realised that the vibrant, exotic and soulful beachwear they were so accustomed to at home, simply wasn’t available in Europe.

Powered by a shared passion for the tropical vibe and easy-going lifestyle of their native country and armed with impressive backgrounds in fashion (I’m talking Master degrees from world-renown fashion institutes and stints with prestigious e-commerce giants), the duo decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of starting a business together.

And so, in 2020, fusing their love of fashion and Brazil, Ginga Privé was born... an online destination with a willingness to enchant. Bringing to those thirsty for the new, the best of Brazilian designer beachwear and accessories. And enchant it does…  from youthful and free-spirited swimwear by ESC, ethnic and soulful bags by NANNACAY to vivid and expressive VANDA JACINTHO jewellery, Ginga Privé radiates vibrant Brazilian soul.

In our very first journal post, we take a moment to chat with our wonderful founders, the sisters behind Ginga Privé, about their inspirations and their memories of growing up in Brazil.

Let’s start at the beginning… What inspired you to start Ginga Privé?
Carina: Growing up in Brazil we were surrounded by these beautiful garments made by Brazilian designers. We were used to it, it was part of our lives, so it was only after a few years living in Europe that we noticed that something was missing. That’s when we decided to give our dream of starting a business together a shot.

Tatiana: Yes…the idea of creating something with your sister, who shares the same passions, was really exciting. It was also a way to be connected to our roots, our culture, and traditions. We love Brazilian fashion and wanted to make it visible and accessible to more people.

It’s easy to see you’re close. How do you juggle being co-founders and being sisters?
Tatiana: I think we are constantly learning how to balance both sides. With Carina based in Italy, we don’t see each other all that much, but we are always in touch making decisions for the business. We have a great dynamic and trust each other implicitly…

Carina: Exactly… when we are dealing with the business we need to be professional and responsible. But when the work is done, we go back to being sisters and talking about Netflix shows, chai latte recipes or just having a good gossip.  

What was it like growing up together?
Tatiana: We’re three sisters (the youngest, Erica, lives in Australia) and have always been close. We loved dressing up in our grandma’s and auntie’s clothes, playing dress-up on Sunday afternoons.
Carina: Tatiana is the oldest sister. I’m the middle, neglected one. She felt like a grown-up to me and Erica. When you are little, three years is a big difference. She had her own room, always locked, strictly forbidden to enter, which made it even more fun to break in and explore (a.k.a go through her stuff). One time, I set her alarm, for 7:00 AM on a Saturday. She got up and was dressed in her uniform ready to go to school. It still makes me laugh, even though I don’t think she found it funny back then. 

Tatiana: Hmmm no I definitely didn’t.

Haha change of subject then… let’s talk about the brands on Ginga Privé. How do you go about selecting them? What does it take to make the cut?
Carina: We look for brands that reflect our vision and that share similar passions. Brands that have an interesting story to tell or an important message, that prioritize social responsibility and empower women. 

Tatiana: Exactly, they must also have a strong connection to Brazil, either by the usage of its raw materials, by involvement with the local communities, in some cases even artisanal production. Our goal is to celebrate them and make them accessible to a wider audience.

What do you love and miss most about Brazil?
Carina: We have a famous phrase that says: The best of Brazil are the Brazilians. They find joy in everything and always find an excuse to have a party.
Tatiana: So true! I love the energy of the people, the joy, the warmth… and the food, pao-de-queijo is definitely a favourite.
Carina: The food!! I miss Sunday barbecues with the family (even though we are both vegetarian now) and laying around the pool with the only worry being that the Caipirinha might run out.

Tatiana: Yes… I think what I miss most about Brazil is just being surrounded by family. When you live so far away and don’t have the chance to visit often, you start to appreciate the small things, and it mostly comes down to the people you love.

Finally, what is your best piece of fashion advice for customers visiting the site?
Carina: You’re not like everybody else, embrace your uniqueness.
Tatiana: Yes, dress for yourself. Clothes play such an important part in our lives, and they can really lift our moods. Choose timeless pieces and invest in accessories - a statement necklace or a striking pair of earrings can completely change a look. But mostly, have fun with it, enjoy the ritual of dressing up and let us bring ginga to your life.
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